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The Hardest Part Of Getting Up Is Being Down - Grasshopper

I don't know about you but there is one thing clear about me: When I sit down to do something and forget to have something I need to do that thing, and have to get up to get it, I'm annoyed.

That mindset is arrived at by conditioning. We grow into inertia. We weren't born with it; we developed it. When a toddler sits down, you don't see them tossing a fit because they have to get up to get a toy.


Being down can be a mindset or a set of circumstances. You may be having a case of the blues or "Poor me" going on, or you could simply be down on your luck. The antidote in all cases is getting up.


Problem is, we sometimes think we need a pep talk. I'm sure they work from time to time but the odds are not in their favor.


So how do you get up? By recognizing you're down.


Noticing that you're down without issuing a host of reasons why just has you notice the reality you are experiencing. A simple recognition of "I have unhappiness within me" is often enough of a catalyst to throw in the clutch and give yourself the opportunity to shift to another gear.


The power of noticing without reasoning is magical. It instantly focuses you on reality rather than fantasy, and it's from this clear position that you can go from down to up.


Recondition yourself to notice what's going on in your mind and body. It's the elixir that can turn upside down into right side up.


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