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Hidden Treasure - Grasshopper

What are you hiding from? We all hide from something and to quote an Eagles song, “Every form of refuge has its price.”

I posit we’re hiding behind the social mask that we’ve created and we’re attempting to hide our shortcomings. BTW, If you don’t have them, you’re not human.


We find temporary comfort by sticking our head in a hole, not realizing that 90% of our humanness is completely exposed to anyone paying attention. The price you pay for hiding is ignoring that you’re also the 90%. That’s like the tip of the iceberg thinking it stands alone majestically in the ocean.


It’s productive to have a mirror chat with yourself from time to time, not to berate yourself for what you’re not but, rather, noticing who you are flaws and all.


When you do that, everything is out in the open and you don’t have to expend creative energy keeping up your façade. That reclaimed energy can now be put to good use. You don’t have to use your vitality to cram your mind with your story anymore, and that creates space for your treasures to come out of hiding. 


Your hidden treasure is your ability to respond to life with creativity vs. the stagnation of reaction. Reacting is looking for a hiding place for your shortcomings; responding reveals creative options that show you opportunities heretofore hidden.


Take yourself off automatic pilot and discover your hidden treasures - ones that bring you out of hiding into a world where you can thrive.


All the best,


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