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Bricks And Mortar Don’t Make A Home - Grasshopper

My dad was a bricklayer and he built our first house. Sidebar: None of that rubbed off on me. But as nice as he could build it, it would have never been a home without the welcome mat of family.

But what about when family members leave and form their own families? For the parent or parents left behind, they often experience “Empty Nest Syndrome.” That’s a fancy way of saying your home became a house.


But home is really a sensation, not walls with a foundation.


Home is becoming comfortable in your own skin no matter what the outer situation is.


Home is a sense of peace and well being where you can escape to anytime the scary world out there comes to bear.


I look at life as a trip out and a trip back. Going out is the building phase. Coming back is subtracting all that doesn’t add to your peace.


Coming home is the acceptance that all you gathered on the trip out is not necessary for you to be comfortable anywhere and at anytime.


If you have to go to Hawaii or Tahiti to find peace, you’ll live in someone else’s house for your stay there. All the money you spend will not get you lasting serenity. That only comes when your inner sensations make any house a home.


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