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What Direction Are You Pointed In? - Grasshopper

I’m an advocate for living in the moment. I make every effort to do so. I do believe a framework is needed in order for the moments to have something to work towards.

This is not a recommendation to wait for a sign from God or waiting for someone else to do something. It’s a conscious act of checking the map to see where you are and where you want to go. That’s direction.


It’s a lot easier to hit a target if there is one.


This isn’t about planning either. Planning is step 2 - to be done after you know the direction you want to head in.


Floating aimlessly on the sea will not get you to port. It seems that a lot of us live our lives like that. It’s usually justified with a phrase like, “I’m a free spirit.” When you hear that, you know that person is without purpose. That mindset leads to nowhere.


The suggestion is simple: Head in a direction! It may turn out to be the wrong one but you can always course correct. Heading in a direction is action based and actions are needed to make things happen. Point yourself and take action. It’s how things get done.


I’m once again reminded of the line from a bank commercial I heard as a kid: “Wishing won’t do it, saving will.”


To get something off your wish list, point yourself in a direction and become the action verb you learned about in school.


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