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Achievement vs. Fulfillment - Grasshopper

Achievement is something that can be measured; fulfillment is a feeling.

You may have your ruler out measuring your accomplishments but if there are no feelings attached, you’re just an empty barrel making lots of noise.


Many don’t give themselves credit for the achievements they’ve made. They pooh-pooh them. That means they forgot to stop and bask in the feeling.


Others use their time touting their achievements to anyone who will listen, but upon further inspection you’ll find there’s no feeling of home in that empty house.


There’s a reason “Stop and smell the roses” has become a staple of our vocabulary. It’s a reminder to sense what you’ve accomplished.


It’s the feeling that’s fulfilling, not the facts and figures used to explain the expanding of your domain.


Take the time to make your house a home by feeling your accomplishments. It will turn down the noise in your head and have you sleep soundly in your bed.


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