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Utopia Is Not A Place - Grasshopper

Apparently The Grasshopper must be brushing up on his Greek. The definition of “Utopia” in Greek is “not a place.” How profound!

Looking for “Heaven on Earth”? You’ll have to look elsewhere if you’re searching for a bricks and mortar location.


I’m reminded of two observations I’ve adopted over the years:


1.      Wherever you go, there you are.

2.      Same shit different zip code.


Utopia is an inward sensation, not an outward quest. You bring your state of mind wherever you travel. If you bring the party with you, prepare to party. If you bring the crap, plan on being a party pooper.


The clue that you’re not going to find Utopia is this mindset: When I reach (fill in the blank), I’ll find peace or happiness or Utopia.


Final Thought: If you want to be in a better place, you’ll have to adjust from the inside out, not the other way around.


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