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Everything There Is - Grasshopper

There is one constant in the universe – one thing that makes up everything. That one thing is REALITY.

Reality always was and always will be. Sound familiar?


Everything is reality.


Werner Erhard taught us EST years ago, which is Latin for “it is.” The teaching in short is: It is the way it is, not necessarily the way we want or think it should be.


Did you ever notice that people don’t say, “I made a reality”? They say something like, “I made a mistake.” Reality doesn’t make mistakes. It’s the combination of all that there is - good, bad or indifferent.


The biggest cause of suffering is railing against reality. For the religious amongst us, picture shaking your fist at God. Then you’ll know the pain of resisting reality.


Want to remain lost your entire life? Adopt this philosophy: It isn’t the way it is.


No amount of thinking will change is to isn’t. We can certainly choose a different response than we’ve been using when we bump into reality. That action presents new realities, not just the same old ones that repeat themselves.


Responding to reality presents options, and isn’t that what we all want more of?


Staying stuck is easy. Just continue to have the same reaction to reality. Continue to tell your story over and over as to why it is the way it isn’t.


Moving forward is jumping on the coattails of reality, not getting in its way.


As we greet a new year, make a resolution to respond to reality and then you’ll have access to all options: Everything!


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