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It’s No One Else’s Job To Make You Happy - Grasshopper

To borrow a phrase from the Ford Motor Company, creating your own happiness is "Job One."

First and foremost, let's establish that there is no permanent happiness for anyone. It's a state of mind and set of feelings that come and go on no particular schedule.


You can, however, have the table set and the guest room ready for happiness when it does arrive and coax it to stay a little longer.


I believe the invitation starts with optimism. When you're optimistic, you broaden the playing field of opportunity. Optimism means you're open to happiness, not closed.


When you're closed off, you're like a horse with blinders. You have limited vision. The attitude of optimism removes our cultural blinders and reveals vistas.


"Lucky" people have an attitude of luck. "Happy" people have the mindset of optimism as their catalyst.


If you're waiting for someone else to make you happy, I will quote my sainted mother, "Don't be waiting with your hand on your ass."


People have all they can handle to create their own happiness. To add yours to their "to- do" list is a back-breaking burden that never succeeds.


To create your own happiness, begin with the premise that it is available to you (optimism). To keep it around as long as possible, be grateful for its presence. Gratitude extends the life of anything worthwhile.


Take the onus off others and take ownership of your own attitudes and expect regular visits from the welcome guest of happiness.


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