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How Does A Dream Die? - Grasshopper

The answer is, “I don’t know,” but I do have a suspicion.

I believe that too much time spent in our head “thinking things over” is where dreams go to die.


Oftentimes our logic is a governor on our creativity, and creativity is the catalyst for making our dreams a reality.


Yet, the people who dream all the time usually don’t get what they’re after either. They’re too busy dreaming to allow creativity to enter. Those types of dreamers remind me of the Alan Watts quote:


“If I think all the time, I won’t have anything to think about except my own thoughts. Now, that would leave me high and dry, and I would become like a library to which the only books being added were books about the books that were already in it.”


So how do we breathe life into a dream? Again, I don’t know for sure but I have the following inkling: Dare to dream BIG!


The bigger the dream the more creative you have to be to make it come true. I think we think we’re not creative and exclusively assign that quality to highly accomplished people. Everyone is creative; we just need to give creativity some space in our head for it to go to work.


If we’re too busy telling ourselves that it can’t happen or are chain dreamers  (think of chain smokers), we deny creativity entrance into our thoughts.


Dreaming big is like shooting for the moon. Even if we don’t make it, we’re among the stars, which is farther than we would have gotten if we got locked into the mindset of “It can’t be done.”


Resuscitate a dying dream by pretending it can be done. That action may create just enough creativity to move you from inertia to fruition.


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