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Seek The Light - Grasshopper

I am amazed anytime I notice a plant seeking the light. It’s its catalyst for growth.

Like plants, we as humans, cannot grow without light. We’ll stay in our darkened sod and rail, “There is no God.”


Atheists can substitute “light” for the word God and the result is the same: Growth.


Anything that makes you grow can be considered light.


If you’re in a dark place, seek the light. Even a sliver of it has a way of dispelling the dark.


Spending a moment or two assessing what you’re grateful for is a source of light. This practice will help lighten you up.


Dark doesn’t exist; it’s a condition that’s merely an absence of light.  Reminds me of a story . . .


My mother had an expression she used when entering a dark room. She would say, “You need a damn miner’s cap to see your way around in here.” She would then open a shade or a curtain and let in the light.


Staying inside your head is being inside a dark spot. The same dim thoughts keep coming around. When you start to notice your mind at work as an observer of thought rather than a participant in it, light comes pouring in.


Let light become a catalyst in your life. Anytime you notice any sort of light, let it serve as a reminder that it’s your source for growth.


My hobby is “photography” which comes from the Greek language and means “drawing with light.”


My suggestion is to draw on your experience and notice that the picture perfect moments of life are filled with light. That should be the only clue you need to “Seek the light.”


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