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Is Patience Really Persistence? - Grasshopper

Don’t you have to be persistent to be patient? I think they are opposite sides of the same coin.

My definition of “Patience” is: Waiting the time that it takes. Often, you need persistence to wait that long.


You must persistently pursue a mindset that allows you to, as the ball players say, “Let the game come to you.”


I’m all for making things happen. That needs persistence. But even after you take all the steps necessary to make it happen, there is a waiting period for that outcome to gel. That’s patience.


Patience takes practice and practice takes persistence.


I’ve been guilty of giving up too soon. That’s a lack of patience. Not waiting the time that it takes is a lack of persistence.


There are some things that are never going to work. After being patient to a point, pray that you have the awareness to give up. Persistence in this situation is wheel spinning.


So how do you tell something is worth the persistence of patience? I don’t have a direct answer but it’s sort of like the judge who couldn’t define pornography but said, “I’ll know it when I see it.”


For me, being at the threshold of the point of no return is a feeling. The older I get, the more I trust this feeling sense. It sends me a signal that it’s time to be impatient and apply my persistence to something else.


My experience is that, as a society, we lack patience. We can all be a bit more persistent in our pursuit of patience.


Patience is a matter of trust, and for me, it’s trusting my gut to let me know to persist or not.


My hope is that you discover that life’s cakes take a certain amount of time to bake and that you persist in waiting the time that it takes.


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