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Does The Loudest One Win? - Grasshopper

I was talking to my friend Hali the other day and we were discussing people changing. I told her my friend Paul says that people don’t change. I also told her I agreed with that but I do believe they can evolve. She then squarely gobsmacked me with this: “You either evolve or you get louder.”

Louder, in this context, means we defend our position that change isn’t necessary.


Evolving to someplace new first takes some presence to assess where we are. Most people arguing loudly for their limitations won’t make that assessment. If we do step in the direction of change, our chances for evolvement increase.


I’m sure you know someone who spends most of their life defending themselves. Perhaps it’s you. That’s the telltale sign that you are stuck. When your “story” abounds, you won’t step on to any new grounds.


Telling and retelling our story of why we are the way we are is just being a loudmouth. The louder you are lessens your chances for moving forward. Better to seek a quiet space and reflect on how you get to where you want to go. That’s evolving.


The loudest one may win the argument just by sheer bullying, but will always lose the opportunity to get unstuck.


Maybe this is too strong a bumper sticker: “Evolve or Die” but I can’t say it loudly enough that the loudest one loses.


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