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The One Thing Is No Thing - Grasshopper

Are you forever on the lookout for the “one thing” – the one thing that’s going to change your life? You’re not alone. I’m sorry to be the one to break the news but the one thing is a fictitious thing.

The one thing takes some form of the following lead in: “When I . . .”


When I . . . find a better job, make “x” amount of money, meet my soul mate, get divorced, hit the lottery . . . then I will be complete.


Please feel free to add your own “one thing” to the list.


Even if you do get that one thing, it quickly will be replaced by the new one thing that promises to be the thing that gets you what you’re really looking for.


What we’re really looking for is “no thing.”


We live in our heads and our thoughts are forever filled with fantasies about things. “No thing” appears when we take a vacation from our thoughts. When you bask in the realm of thought-less experience, you enter the frame of mind the Zen Buddhists call “No Mind.”


A quiet mind isn’t filled with things; it’s filled with nothing (No-thing).


“No thing” is a feeling of peace and serenity and a sense that everything is taken care of. Isn’t that really the “one thing” that we all want?


You can chase the horizon for the rest of your days OR notice that it’s an illusion that makes you think it’s real.


When you stop chasing illusions, you begin to get a glimpse of no thing.


Finally, here’s “one thing” to reflect on: There is nothing more coveted than “No thing.”


All the best,


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