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In An Effort To Not Disappoint, We Disappoint - Grasshopper

Are you accommodating someone by telling them what you think they want to hear? Welcome to “Harry’s Used Car Lot.”

If you don’t tell them what you’re really going to do (including nothing), you will eventually disappoint them. You’ve just delayed the pain while your credibility goes down the drain.


I know that “Do Unto Others” is the Golden Rule but in my Bible a close second is “Do what you say you’re going to do.”


The sting of disappointment will not drag on if what you are really going to do is stated up front. If not, those on the receiving end will be doubly disappointed when you string disappointment out over time. Just as important, you will experience the draining force of carrying around a lie.


If you don’t care about other people, keep disappointing them and tell them something that gives them false hope. But when the reality eventually appears, your reputation will be stomped into the ground.


Want to stop disappointing people? Don’t promise something that holds no promise.


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