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Your Thoughts Are Not Allowed In Heaven - Grasshopper

Best I can guess, everyone goes the same place when they die – let's call it heaven. The trick is to visit heaven as often as you can while you're living, so you can feel the aliveness of having no thoughts.

Long sidebar: Speaking of no thoughts, there is a giant myth about self-hypnosis that even 95% of hypnotists subscribe to. The teaching goes something like this: You get yourself into a state of mind where you are suggestible and then you offer yourself a suggestion. The logic doesn't work. The practice doesn't work.


When you experience what is commonly called hypnosis, you are disassociated from your thoughts. In order to give yourself a suggestion, you have to re-associate yourself with your thoughts, which takes you out of the suggestible state. The upshot is this: You are giving yourself a suggestion when you are not suggestible.

There is a workaround. My late mentor, Dr. Dave Dobson showed us a method that is quite ingenious. If you're curious how it works, my Calm & Collected Hypnosis CD guides you through this process. There is a free written exercise that goes along with this CD and you can find it at:


Back to your thoughts .  . . Most of the time spent in your mind is a roller-coaster ride. Yes, sometimes it can be exciting, but do you want to ride it 16 hours a day for the rest of your life?

For the better part of your life the terrain inside of your mind is a war zone. There are many protracted thought battles that go back and forth and there are never any victories to celebrate - just the battered aftermath.


There is a DMZ (demilitarized zone) you can go to but you have to leave your weapons (thoughts) behind. Let's call this place heaven.

Heaven allows no thoughts. It's just a place of pure tranquility that soothes the body and quiets the mind. It's a place to rejuvenate. Every time you visit heaven, you bring a piece of it with you when you return to earth.


So you really have to make a decision at some point along the way. Do I want to remain on the battlefield or do I want a life of peace?

As long as you want to associate with your thoughts, you will remain at war and any perceived victory will be short-lived.


To have a life of peace you have to honestly ask yourself, "What do I win by staying associated with my mental positions?" The answer is resistance from opposing mental positions from yourself and others. The tension of resistance can flare up into war at any time. The war with yourself and others becomes ongoing and winless.

You disarm yourself and others when you bring only peace. There are no wars in heaven because it's against divine law. The minute you have thoughts in heaven, you're no longer there. You're banished back to the combat zone.


A peaceful life begins by winning the battle of the mind. That battle is won by non-resistance.

If my guess is accurate, you're going to wind up in heaven someday anyway. The real question is: "Do you want to wait that long to enjoy all the benefits?"


We may never live in total peace, but each time we pursue it there are residual benefits - a happier, healthier, heavenly you.


All the best,

John Morgan


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