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Selflessness Leads You To Your Self - Grasshopper

You have to lose your “self” in order to find your self.

We are so wrapped up in who we are that we forget that we were once totally connected to our self.


Self is where it’s not about you - the “you” that you made up and got comfortable with.


Self is where you disappear and you find the feeling of connection that cannot be described in words.


We’ve all had an experience where time stood still and something took our breath away. We entered the quiet space of selflessness where no thoughts were present, only experience.


Doing for others out of duty is not being selfless. Doing so because it feels right is. That’s just one of the stepping-stones towards selflessness.


What is a mother’s unconditional love other than selflessness? Her love emanates from her self, not from any book on parenting or sense of burden.


Just remember that you’re more than “you” and the more often you remember, the closer you get to your self.


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