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Action Diffuses Debate - Grasshopper

This note is a first cousin to one of The Grasshopper’s most popular messages: Doing Diffuses Fear.

The first step to overcoming fear is to take some action, any action that pushes paralyzing inertia to the side so we can move forward.


But before we can take that action step, we have to end the debate going on in our head. “Should I or shouldn’t I?” The longer we stay in debate mode, the longer we delay any action.


We’ve been conditioned to “think things over.” There’s nothing wrong with assessing the options. The real problem that halts our progress is thinking the same things over and over.


We were smart enough to understand the options the first time. Running them up the flagpole again and again is nothing but a delaying tactic causing us to remain inactive.


You won’t get on to doing until you end your mental stewing.


Begin to recognize that you’re in debate mode inside your head. Then remind yourself that you’ve never won an argument in there.


Ending the debate is the first step towards action. Then you’re in more of a mindset to focus on doing.


Fear is an idea - one that causes powerful and scary sensations within our body. Debating that idea will never chase those feeling away, but doing will. To get to doing you have to recognize that it’s time to end the debate.


Once you have that recognition, action is the natural next step - one that leaves debate in the dust and throws out fear on its ear.


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