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Act In Your Own Best Interest - Grasshopper

It’s in our own best interest to act. Too often we muse and refuse, and by doing so our best interests are put on hold.

In short, we do too much thinking and very little acting. That’s a formula for inertia - the killer of our best interests.


You may be familiar with the phrase: “Act in your own best interest.” What you may not notice is the action verb “act” is the most useful word in that directive.


Fear often keeps us from acting, but the bigger culprit is our conditioning to remain motionless. We’ve developed the habit of “staying put” that puts us at odds with our own best interests.


You can develop the habit to act. It just takes some practice.


I just finished reading two books: WHAT TO DO WHEN IT’S YOUR TURN by Seth Godin and THE 5 SECOND RULE by Mel Robbins. Both address the topic of action. Seth’s book is an inspired pep talk on the benefits of action. Mel’s book offers a 5 second action plan for taking action.


Both books offer valuable viewpoints and I find the beauty of Melanie’s book to be this: It offers you a directive with directions. It’s a “how to” book on how to act.


Your best interests are never served without serving up some action. Here’s a starting point: Get out of bed and get out of your head. They’re the beginning steps of an action plan that serves your own best interests.


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