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Change Your Behavior And Your Thoughts Will Change, Not The Other Way Around - Grasshopper

Seems we have it Bass Ackwards: "Change your thoughts and change your life" is one of the maxims we are offered. I believe that's an accurate statement, but it omits the step that precedes thought change: BEHAVIOR CHANGE.

The cart is before the horse and that will keep us off course.


Quoting my legendary hypnosis teacher Dr. Dave Dobson: "Words are the caboose on the choo-choo of life." That means that words are the last thing our brain delivers to us. The action has already happened and the words are our attempt to describe it.


Attempting to change with a mantra goes counter to the way our brains are wired. In order for your thoughts to change, it's just pure science that your actions must change first.


To quote the character "Ishmael" in the Daniel Quinn novel of the same name, "There is no argument that will end the argument." If we stay on the level of talk, we'll never talk ourselves into action.


To further illustrate the point I'll quote my favorite, ancient Chinese saying: "Talk doesn't cook rice."


It's necessary to act our way to change. Any other methods are just anemic talking points.


If we would just stop talking about what we want to do and physically take a step or two towards doing it, our odds for success will increase exponentially.


Your actions are the agents of change. Just talking about them are empty refrains.


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