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My Life Is . . . - Grasshopper

What is your life doing? It's doing something that's apart from your head – or what you think it's doing.

Your life is doing one main thing: Evolving.


We have a choice once we own this piece of information.


  1. We can evolve along with it.

  2. Stay stuck where we are.


I can attest that staying stuck where we are is nothing more than arguing for our limitations. It's a daily occurrence - constant justification for limitation.


And with whom are we arguing? Mainly ourselves. Even when we stay stuck in our head, life moves along, full speed ahead.


How do we get back into the flow of life? It begins by noticing reality: where we are, rather than where we think we should be.


Reminds me of a story . . . My friend used to play golf with a man who kept score this way: He entered the score he thought he should have rather than the score he actually got. His golf game never evolved because he was stuck on where he thought it should be rather than where it was.


The key to catch up with your evolving life is to first notice where you are, not where you should be. Just that tiny practice of noticing reality puts you back in the flow.


Here's the big secret: Evolving life is just reality by a different name.


Reality and Life will keep evolving whether we think that should be the case or not. Reality lives outside your head. To rejoin this evolving force is to notice it in action. Just noticing takes you out of your head and resistance is removed from moving ahead.


Make it a practice to stop and notice where you are and abandon the story of how or why you got there. "My parents loved my sister more," "I had poor role models." "People don't recognize my genius." This is just a sampling of the drivel that keeps us in place rather than on pace with life.


Life is always moving forward. It never retreats. Noticing that fact helps you leave the past in the past and rejoin your evolving life.


One final thought: You'll stay in a rut when you attempt to refute reality with that life stopping word - "But."


All the best,


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