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The Gems Are Inside The Doggie Diamonds - Grasshopper

My Father had a euphemistic phrase for dog poop. He called it “Doggie Diamonds,” as in “Don’t step in the doggie diamonds.”

It occurred to me that we encounter a lot of “shitty” people in our life. We make every attempt to avoid them. But here’s another option: Explore them.


It’s my experience that we all have gems inside, often covered over by a smelly exterior. The key is to get past the crap. That will take some effort but the outcome will reveal hidden treasures.


My friend Peter Hurley is a world-class photographer and literally has taken thousands of portraits. His claim is that everyone who steps in front of his camera has hidden beauty inside. His job, as he sees it, is to find and capture that beauty in a photograph. I guarantee you he has to go through a lot of dreck to get to the best picture that person has ever had taken.


If you make an investment of attention with another person, what you will see is their exterior melt away and reveal the pearls buried in what comes out of swine’s behind. Eew!


It’s easy to dismiss people we don’t like. What’s harder and more rewarding is to dig past the exterior and find a diamond in the rough.


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