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Who Has The Life That You Want? - Grasshopper

Seems the global pastime is wanting a life other than the one we have. That's a life draining, never-ending trail of disappointment.


"The rich and famous travel the world without a care in the world. That's what I want," you say. That's not going to happen for you by wishing you were them.


You can only be you. And you have confused your circumstances with another's life. What you really want is to have their circumstances.


The first step on your quest is to stop wishing, praying, hoping for or coveting the circumstances you want. None of those strategies have worked before and they're never going to work now or in the future. Stop wasting your time with an impotent strategy and start using your time to work for what you want.


If you're not willing to work for what you want, you don't want it.


Reminds me of a story . . .


My mother was a waitress from the time she was 14 and into her 70s. You might imagine that she didn't have a lot of money, but she always had nice things. What she did was decide on something she wanted and then started her own layaway plan. She would regularly contribute to her fund by setting aside money each week that would go towards that purchase. When she amassed enough, she went and bought it for cash.


The famous story she told was being turned down for a job because she was too old. She was 42 at the time. She left that restaurant and went next door to a high-end furniture store and picked out an expensive breakfront, put down a small deposit and had them put it on layaway. Mind you, she had no job but she had determination and remembered saying to herself on the way out of the store, "Now I have to pay for it."


She may have seen a desired item in Architectural Digest but that didn't lead her to wish she was someone else with a ton of money to buy anything she chose. She, instead, determined that was something she wanted in her life and crafted a plan and budget to get it.


The layaway strategy goes well past material possessions. You may want to evolve to different way of life. It starts by determining what kind of life you want and identifying the steps to get there. Once the blueprint is crafted, it's time for a timetable and an action plan. 


Hoping that circumstance will change is a change that's never going to happen. To make something happen, you first have to get out of wish mode. And then watch your barriers for getting what you want begin to erode.


Who's got the life you want? Only you can decide if it's you.


All the best,


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