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Trapped By Your Religion - Grasshopper

Even atheists are trapped by their religion.  They may not believe in God but they do believe in something.

The something we believe in most is our belief system. It's our religion.


The trap is following our beliefs blindly, too often, in the face of incredible evidence to the contrary. That's how strong beliefs are.


Formal religion is also a belief system. There are very few facts that back up our religious beliefs but we stick with them even when they're not working. That's the trap.


Being trapped by our beliefs results in us not allowing ourselves to go past our pious perimeters. This keeps us hemmed in and hurting.


Step One in getting out of the trap is noticing you're in one.


Step Two is to take a moment and suspend your beliefs and see what shows up in their absence.


It may seem like heresy to put your beliefs in a corner for a bit, but if you don't, you'll remain trapped in a hellish existence.


If your beliefs are working for you, by all means hang on to them. If you're bumping up against life a little too often, take notice of your beliefs and then just set them aside for a time.


Perhaps now's the time to release yourself from the trap. You'll thank God you did.


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