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Hidden Resources Bring You Out Of Hiding - Grasshopper

I’ve always been at a loss when people ask me what I do. I could reply “hypnotist” or “people helper” or “seminar leader” or use some other term that doesn’t quite hit the mark.

What I really attempt to do is connect people with resources they didn’t know they had.


The real you, not the one you made up for public consumption, has access to these resources around the clock for your entire life. The key is to get the “contrived you” out of the way long enough so the resources you need can show themselves.


The “real you” seems like it’s an airy phrase to someone who has never been in touch with the part of them that’s resourceful. We have so bought into the image of ourselves that we’ve crafted over time that we forgot that we made it up. That image is a sandcastle we built that looks pretty but isn’t resourceful. What a pity!


Pretend for a moment that you’re not you. (Side note: you won’t be pretending). Just stop being you for a few moments and notice what shows up. Let go of all your roles, your sacred cows and firm beliefs and you’ll immediately feel a sense of relief, as though you’ve dropped a 50-pound backpack.


When you become lighter, your vision becomes brighter, illuminating resources that have always been there but unavailable to the statue of you. It’s the hardness of our image and our beliefs that keep resources from permeating our façade.


Adopt a belief that you’re not you and you’ll become more attuned to the resourceful you that’s hidden from view.


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