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Re-Act vs. Create - Grasshopper

There are some actors that have one speed (Think Steven Seagal). That means they can only play one type of role. They re-act their previous role in every subsequent film they do. We are just like those uncreative actors every time we give the same response to a given stimulus.

When something happens, we react or respond to it. If you hear a loud noise that sounds like a gunshot, you may react and duck for cover. If you are a trained, law enforcement professional, you may ignore that initial, conditioned reaction and instead of taking cover, respond by looking for the source of the gunfire.


Reacting is automatic; responding takes some training. Ask anyone who has taken instruction in Aikido or other martial arts. The conditioned reaction we have is to attempt to block an opponent’s attack. Aikido teaches you to blend with the attacker’s force and neutralize it. I can tell you from experience, it takes some training to step in to someone’s attack and blend because our natural reaction is to retreat. Aikido teaches us there is a response that’s more effective than reacting. (Side note: Seagal is a more creative martial artist than he is an actor).


But most of us are not trained law enforcement officials or martial arts masters, yet we are well served to master our ability to respond. It not only makes our lives fresher, but utilizes our most valuable asset: our ability to create.


If you are a religious person, you are probably familiar with the tenet that we are created in the image and likeness of God. I take that to mean we are Godlike. What is God’s greatest skill? Creation is the answer I come up with. If you follow the logic, we were created to create.


Even if you’re an atheist or an agnostic, you recognize your ability to create, regardless of where it comes from.


Want to be more creative? Become less reflexive. How? Experiment with the exercise my friend Jerry Stocking offers in the following blog post and start to notice that you can play any role you choose.


See Jerry’s exercise by clicking HERE.


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