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“Should” Keeps You In Your Head; “Action” Puts You Into Your Body - Grasshopper

Abe Lincoln told us that actions speak louder than words, but I don’t think he knew the side benefit of his assertion: The quieting of the mind.

“Should” keeps you in debate inside your pate. Actions move you into your body where all debates cease. The mind is quiet when you are in action mode. There’s just no time for constant chatter when you employ your body instead of your grey matter.


The never ending back and forth that “should” produces in your mind keeps you focused on theory rather than practice. Just act on one of the things you “should” do and watch the conversation end and witness the formation of something real.


The remedy for “should” is always action. Once you decide and act on a course of action, the debate team packs up its adjectives and heads out the door. This results in two things: a quieter mind and an accomplishment.


Prolonging the debate keeps actions and accomplishments on the shelf and makes your body the couch potato of your mind.


Don’t tell us what you should be doing; do it and then tell us about it. This action strategy puts an end to “should” and sows the seeds for deeds.


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