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Are You Starving At The Buffet? - Grasshopper

Seems we all have been deluded that there's not enough to go around. The biblical metaphor of the loaves and fishes shines a light on our limited thinking and opens us to the possibility of abundant options.

I was reading through a Seth Godin book and came across this paragraph: "A frog is unable to see anything that's motionless. A frog surrounded by recently killed bugs will starve to death, unaware there is plenty of nutrition just inches away."


The six inches that keeps us humans away from the buffet table is the space between our ears: our know-it-all intellect. When you know it all, there is nothing else to learn. If you have it all figured out that "woe is me" is the way it's going to be, plan on a limited menu as far as your intellect can see.


Each time we justify our lack with a fact, we cut off the possibility portion of our mind that doesn't think, but creates.


Creativity is closer than your next limiting thought. We just have to give it room to do its work. That room comes as a result of creating space between our thoughts. That's the space where all creativity comes from. If our thinking is jammed with thoughts that keep us stuck, keeping it that way will bring us very little luck.


Quieting the mind is the path that leads to the multiplying factor of creativity. It's how we access the creative force that turns lack into abundance. Learning a mind quieting practice is your personal Sermon on the Mount. This quiet space will show you where to fish, instead of knowing the paucity of the ponds.


Famine or buffet? It depends on how much creativity you let come your way. Like the old Chinese proverb says, "Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime."


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