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Resolve To Evolve - Grasshopper

It’s been my experience that relatively few people, if any, change. I do find that people can evolve.

Change is too big a goal that, too often, has failure built into it. Just look at any New Year’s Resolution that you’ve ever made.


Evolving is much easier. It’s not one big piece; it’s a series of movements over time that when pieced together resemble change.


Just as with change, evolving takes some noticing - notice that you’re doing something that’s thwarting your forward progress. Changing that thing is like trying to eat a whole cow at once (for vegans, think of ingesting a field of kale at one sitting).


Evolving begins with noticing and then pulling on a loose thread a little at a time. Before long an unraveling begins that is hard to come back from.


Change, on the other hand, leaves the garment untouched with just a resolution not to wear it again. When the verve of the resolution wears off, there is a whole ensemble at the ready for you to don again.


Evolving is hard to come back from. It actually alters the fabric of your make up a little at a time.


Resolve to Evolve. It’s a more manageable method of morphing from the old to the new and makes change an outdated goal to pursue.


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