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A Little Guilt Is Good - Grasshopper

The Grasshopper’s complete quote was, “A little guilt is good if it spurs you to right a wrong.”

My entire adult life I’ve been preaching that guilt is a self-destructive emotion. And it is, except for the Grasshopper’s musing.


Guilt usually keeps bad feelings in place and keeps remedial action from taking place. Righting a wrong is an action that disperses guilt and allows you to experience the lightness that is your birthright.


Many believe that feeling guilty will absolve you from the actions that caused the feeling in the first place. That will never happen. Righting a wrong may not absolve you either, but it will metabolize the guilt.


If feeling guilty would get you what you want, I would sit up all night with you and we could feel guilty together.


Guilt, in order to be productive, has to be a catalyst to take the actions necessary to right a wrong.


If you are wallowing in guilt, action is necessary; otherwise you’ll be swallowed up by your remorse.


You can go from self-destructive to healing by heeding the words of The Grasshopper and begin the actions of morphing from wrong to right. This much I will guarantee: guilt will no longer keep you up all night.


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