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Misery: Staying In Your Head - Grasshopper

There's no denying it. Misery is a head-trip – one we can end before it begins.

It starts with noticing the sensations associated with what you label "misery." Those feelings will bubble up into thought form and when they do, you have a feedback loop of miserable glue. You're stuck in misery.


Start paying real attention to feelings of being ill at ease. These sensations are more easily addressed on the feeling level before they get spun into the never-ending thread of thought. Once there, they'll weave themselves into continual stories that clamor for even more chapters.


Noticing your feelings is not necessarily pleasant. It may be the last thing on your to-do list you want to do, but it must be done, otherwise you are in for a long bout of misery.


Misery loves the company of your thoughts. They're the things that keep it alive.


The way to wash the stain of any pain away is to metabolize it. That means staying with your feelings and not drifting off to the land of thought where these sensations acquire meaning.


The moment you assign meaning to a feeling, you have given up on metabolization and given birth to the mobilization of misery.


Allowing yourself to feel what you feel without commentary is the way through the pain of misery.


This isn't a one-time exercise. You will need to perform it over and over again until it becomes second nature. Remember: these are your feelings and they need your attention before they can unburden you from their weight.


Not wanting to be alone with your feelings of misery is like not wanting to be in the company of your in-laws. They may be dastardly sorts, but staying with them for a time will facilitate the trip from misery to the sublime.


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