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Success Is A Contact Sport - Grasshopper

Contact in this context is reaching out.

Your chance of success without contacting others is skinny.


Others challenge your patterned way of thinking and spur you on to new plateaus you may not have reached all by your lonesome.


I remember an old joke that underscores not going it alone: "No man is an island but Eugene is a city." Even Robinson Crusoe needed Friday.


Contact with others is the sand your oyster shell needs to produce your pearls of wisdom and accomplishments.


Even the hermit who comes up with a life-changing idea will need others to bring it to market.


Engaging others is going outside the box in your head that has you repeating the same information over and over again. Contact with others will get you out of your looped thinking and on to the exit ramp of new ideas.


If you are determined to go it alone, you'll probably be isolated from success for the rest of your quest.


Others are your road to realization. You just have to be willing to leave your comfort zone of alone and make contact. Then you'll have a sporting chance.


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