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Capture The Essence - Grasshopper

I believe we are mainly caught up with the wrong objective, namely “figuring it out.” It seems to me more experiential and rewarding to capture the essence.

Figuring it out gives us piece-by-piece information and all the gathered pieces rarely add up to the whole. When we capture the essence, we also don’t consciously get the whole picture, but enough of it to let us know we’re on the right track.


When we try and figure something out, it’s a head game. Capturing the essence is a matter of the heart. We trust that there is a part of us absorbing all that is necessary for us to move in a productive direction.


It’s more than “Go with your gut.” It’s an openness to all that is offered and not evaluating and judging each piece as it floats by our consciousness. It’s approaching life and learning as a brainstorming session rather than using a formula to figure it out.


Capturing the essence is really training yourself to view and listen to all that’s offered - unfiltered. That gives you access to global information, not just random pieces.


This means to go into human interactions without agenda. It’s how we used to be when we were very young learning machines. Then we got conditioned to figure it out.


It will take some reconditioning to turn off your discriminations and judgements but that’s what has to happen for us to be able to absorb more, learn quicker and be more creative.


A good place to start is in every day conversations. Make it a point to ignore the “formulator” of your response when someone else is speaking to you. Resist the temptation to go inside your head to figure out the proper retort. Trust yourself to respond when it’s your turn to speak and then just say what you say.


It’s feels a bit risky at first so practice in low risk situations like chatting about the day’s news or the weather. You’re trusting yourself to respond to what’s being offered to you.


You’ll find yourself spending less time figuring things out and surprise yourself with creative responses that were not part of any pre-planned agenda.


Capturing the essence is capturing the whole but not stopping the flow to break it down.


Freeing yourself from agenda is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself because it truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Begin capturing the essence and you’ll not only have less things to figure out, but you’ll find yourself learning more often and more quickly. It’s really the essence of our design. Give it a go and prove to yourself that you’ll come out just fine.


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