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Reach Often And Multiply - Grasshopper

There is an advertising maxim that stands the test of time: Reach & Frequency. Reach represents the number of people in your audience and Frequency signifies how often your message is seen or heard by them.

Reach and frequency is a proven formula for reaching the masses but how does it work in getting us, an audience of one, what we want? The answer to that question is your answer to this one: How often am I reaching?


Legendary Scottish hero Robert the Bruce, defeated and on the run, allegedly witnessed a spider in a cave attempting to weave a web. Time after time he would see the spider fall down and then begin again. As the story goes, the tenacity of the spider was his inspiration to defeat the English at the Battle of Bannockburn.


The spider is a metaphor to inspire us to continue to reach. How often? History tells us the answer given by successful people is: as often as it takes.


Reaching out once has the odds of winning the lottery.  Continued reaching is the stretching most of us need to get the flexibility necessary to pursue our goals.


Flexibility is crucial to our success because if we’re reaching in the same way time after time and not succeeding, that’s as ineffective as not reaching at all.


So the new maxim for our personal pursuits is: Reach & Flexibility.


Reminds me of a quick story . . . When my youngest son was learning to swim, I heard his instructor often say, “The magic words are ‘reach and pull.’”


Reach has stood the test of time as a time-honored tool for success.


How often will you reach and how flexible will you be? How you answer that question will determine how much success you’ll see.


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