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Dreaming: The Passport To Tomorrow - Grasshopper

I'm an advocate for living in the moment as long as the moment allows for some dreaming about tomorrow.

The English language is loaded with nuance. The word "dreamer" conjures up both positive and negative images for me. When I meet someone with both feet in the clouds, I use "dreamer" pejoratively. But when a dreamer is someone who can suspend the binds of reality long enough for a dream to take shape, that's someone I'll champion.


There's credence to the notion that you're closer to death each day that you live. You get even closer when you stop dreaming. You start to die inside well in advance of any physical passing.


The good news is dreaming goes to work the minute you employ it.  There are measurable sensations that translate into feeling better and, even better, feeling more alive.


Dreaming is a tonic. But like all tonics, too much of it leaves you too numb to act on your dreams. So just the occasional application of dreaming is often enough of a catalyst to build a brighter tomorrow, rather than staying stuck where you are.


Finding the balance with the amount of dreaming that works best for you will take some practice. If you find that your dreams are forever elusive, you're likely spending too much time dreaming. That's what I call a "Dream without a scheme (plan)."


Another option is to offer yourself a break from your everyday routine from time to time. Take the time to dream. Doing so makes you more likely to arrive at a mindset that supports possibility - the stimulus that spurs action.


Crossing the border to possibility is the purpose of dreaming.  So make sure to suspend reality in the right measure for you and create the actions for your dreams to come true.


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