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Here We Are - Grasshopper

It seems most of our life we make arguments against being where we are. We rarely stop and notice, or acknowledge, our current location. This lack of admission causes all sorts of false starts and continued frustration.

“Here we are” or “Here I am” is a mantra to use to fuse you to the present - which is where you always are. It’s from here that all things happen. But if you’re rarely here, life is a mental game and not a physical reality.


If you want your life to be more real, take the time to notice where you are and just take a moment to feel. You can’t be anywhere but where you are and all efforts to deny that reality keeps life at arm’s length resulting in you thinking about living vs. just living.


You are at your current station in life - wherever that is. It can’t be any different than it is right now. Once you acknowledge that, you then have the option of moving off in another direction. But if you deny you are here and you attempt to step off, you’re more likely to step off a cliff rather than onto a path with firm footing.


Flights of fancy are fun, just like going to amusement parks can be fun. But if you attempt to live your whole life there, the attractions are no longer attractive and your daily diet of cotton candy can’t nourish you.


Putting the perspective of reality back into your life generates life. You can’t live where you’re not, no matter how attractive you make it in your mind.


Your chance for a more fulfilling life begins here - where you are right now. Take the time to acknowledge your location and then watch real paths to the future appear. A real tomorrow begins when you notice you are here.


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