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Potential Is An Empty Promise - Grasshopper

The seed needs the soil otherwise you only possess the downside of potential.

Are you as smart as someone who’s way more successful than you? The answer to that question is almost always “Yes.” Are you as resourceful as them is a much better question to ask yourself. The answer to that question is almost always “No.”


What resources are they using that you’re ignoring?


Internal resources immediately come to mind. We block most of our internal resources by our incessant thinking. When you are thinking, your chances of reaching the rich soil of your creative resources are thwarted.


The key to getting your seeds into this soil is to get out of the barren fields of your mind and into the fertile environment where your potential can grow, not just be lamented about.


How much of your thinking is about how successful you should be vs. the reality of how successful you are? I’m defining “Successful” as measurably accomplished.


Measuring your thinking is just comparing IQs, which are accidents of birth. Measuring your accomplishments is a more useful barometer of how often you get your ideas and hands in the dirt - the key to success.


If you want your potential to grow, you have to get past knowing what you know.


That means to get out of your head and into the infinite field of resources where the act of planting is measurably ahead of anything that’s said.


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