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Anytime You Begin, You Tap Inspiration On The Shoulder - Grasshopper

Are you waiting for inspiration? There's no need to wait. Inspiration is always on the heels of beginning.

The key is to begin something and watch your supposed, dormant inspiration appear.


That inspiration is not available is a myth. It's always closer than your next thought. But to make it tangibly visible, you have to start something. That means to take some action past thinking and watch inspiration run alongside.


If you're waiting for inspiration to start you, the odds are long that won't happen. You improve your chances for inspiration exponentially by deciding to start.


Inspiration seems to gravitate towards action. I'm guessing here but I suppose that's why couch potatoes lack inspiration. They're waiting for inspiration rather than coaxing it to come out by physically moving out of their comfort zone (rut).


If you're waiting to start, you'll be waiting forever for inspiration.


Want inspiration? Generate some perspiration and start something.


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