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Irritation Precedes Creation - Grasshopper

Look no further than the oyster. Beautiful pearls are created by the irritation the sand produces inside the manufacturing mollusks.

We also create as a result of “irritate.” What we fashion depends on how we respond to the irritant.


If our common reaction is to rant and rave, over time, we create ulcers or worse. Just notice the general health of someone who is unendingly irritated.


But what happens when we notice that we’re irritated and allow our initial reaction to turn into a response? That allows us to create a new way to go. We turn our irritation into creation.


Famed Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung wrote, “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”


We have the same initial reaction to things that irritate us that others have. We think others are the cause of our irritation. They’re not; they’re only a mirror of what’s going on inside. Once we recognize our irritation, we can harness that recognition to let our initial reaction pass by and choose a more creative response.


Creativity comes when we go past our pat reactions.


If you continue to go with your first reaction to irritation, you’ll forever be casting pearls before swine. But if you take a moment to notice that you’re reacting, you’ll create the space for the creation of something more divine.


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