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Patience Leads To Poise - Grasshopper

My computer dictionary defines poise as “a state of balance or equilibrium.” A person with poise appears to me to be quite balanced and seems quite comfortable in their own skin.

How do they get that way? They are patient enough to allow poise to appear.


Notice that a poised person doesn’t go off half-cocked. They wait and pick their shots if they, indeed, choose to shoot. They may choose something else altogether in the waiting period - something more productive that didn’t come with their initial, impatient reaction.


Poise is available to everyone. You just have to wait and it will show up. When it does, you’ll be poised to act and won’t respond from an unbalanced position.


You may notice that poise and grace appear quite often in the same sentence when describing a balanced person. Neither of these qualities can be purchased. They just show up.


How can we have them appear more often? First, be trustful enough that they are always within reach. And then just issue an invite for them to fill in the breech.


The engraved invitation is patience: the ability to trust and wait for poise to appear.


Get in the habit of practicing patience and start to notice how often poise presents itself, often taking the place of fear.


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