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When Looking For A Sign, You May Miss The Exit - Grasshopper

Countless, unsuccessful attempts at seeking a sign to show up have not prevented us from continuing a practice that doesn't work

The prayerful incantation is, "Please show me a sign." Next, we busy ourselves looking for the requested signposts. This practice causes tunnel vision and blocks out any sign that doesn't fall into the category of acceptable answer. Reminds me of a story . . .

Every guy who practiced basketball by himself as a kid has done this. He's dribbling the ball and pretends there are only 3 seconds left in the game. He adopts the role of his favorite player and says something like this: "Only 3 seconds left and the ball goes to Michael Jordan. If he sinks this shot he'll win the NBA Championship. Michael dribbles once and launches the shot." While saying this, the kid is physically doing what he is narrating. If the ball goes in the basket, he wildly exults. If he misses, he says he was fouled and gets another opportunity.

This isn't a wise, old saying but it should be:

"The sign will show up when the student can read."

That's another way of saying that the signs are always present. We become persnickety when looking at signs, sorting for ones that suit our preferences. We become like the person who drowns because they didn't like the color of the life preserver that was tossed to them.

We have all ignored signs on some level. For example, have you ever read your horoscope in a newspaper? If you think it's pertinent, you'll pay attention to it. If you think it's bogus, you'll discount it.

When it comes to signs, our tendency is to only look for what we want to see.

Constantly looking for a sign is truly ignoring reality which always points the way.

For instance, have you had several people point something out about you that you categorically dismiss? That's a sign. Have you been having a problem with the same issue (wealth, health, relationships, etc.) for a long time? That's a sign. The sign will highlight the behavior that prevents you from arriving.

If you're looking to grow, pay attention to the signs that are already here and head yourself in the direction to which they point.

Looking for a sign that agrees with how you think reality should be is a self-perpetuating practice. You will always be looking and the exit ramp will always be beyond the horizon.

Remember this: If you're constantly seeking, that leaves no time for finding.

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