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It Takes More Energy To Hate Than It Does To Love - Grasshopper

Love, at base, is who we are; it’s effortless. Hate has to be worked at continuously to keep it in place.

For example: If you love your pet, you don’t have to work at it, you just love it. If you hate the neighbor’s dog, you have to constantly remind yourself why you have that awful feeling in your body - “it’s because of that damned dog.”


You try and explain away your hate and that takes its toll every time you do it, either inside your head or aloud so anyone within earshot can witness your torment.


Hate is a sensation that needs to be recognized and metabolized before you can return yourself to a state of stillness.


Hate drains you of energy and, over time, will rack your internal organs and age you before your time. There is so much downside to hate that one wonders why some lobby for it so much.


The first step is to notice the situation that precipitates your hatred. Just notice it unemotionally for what it is. Then decide if there is anything (legal) you can do to alleviate this set of circumstances. If there is nothing you can do about the situation, then it’s time, and to your benefit, to go to work on yourself.


That means you have to begin to notice the sensations you label as hate in your body. Where do they show up? What is their intensity? Is it in the pit of your stomach or is it a tightening of your chest or a flushness of your face or a throbbing in your head? Notice the sensation and where it lives. Then, just focus on the sensation, not the cause.


That means to fully feel the sensation without comment. Just notice how it feels and stay with that feeling. You may even notice the sensation increasing a bit while you do this. Stay with the feeling. Allowing yourself to fully feel a sensation without internal conversation is the pathway to metabolization.


You may have to do this on several occasions to get the full effect, which is a return to internal peace. This doesn’t mean that you will “love” that which you invested so much hate in. It only means that you will be bothered less by this external mess and your body will be less tense and you’ll live longer and with less angst.


Remember: They are your feelings and only you can do something about them. Metabolization is washing away the stain of the pain and it offers you a fresh start - one that begins to open up your heart.


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