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“Deserve” Is Just Another Way To Try And Explain Away Reality - Grasshopper

One of my claims is the notion of "Deserve" doesn't exist in reality. We made it up and it lets us down.

Examine the word in context: "I don't deserve that kind of treatment." "You deserved that promotion, not her." Have you noticed the reality in the statements? The reality is you got the kind of treatment you got and you didn't get the promotion. "Deserve" attempts to spin reality in order to remove its sting.


It never works.


No matter how much you deserved better treatment or that promotion, you didn't get either, and wallowing in "deserve" makes you a frequent guest at a never-ending pity party.


Best to notice the reality of the situation so you can respond to it rather than to the illusion of deserve.


Asking the following types of questions will have you look forward rather than get sidetracked down the dirt path of deserve: "I got that treatment, so how do I prevent myself from getting it again?" "I didn't get the promotion, so what is my course of action now?"


Think about the absurdity of this statement: "That baby deer didn't deserve to have that tree limb fall on it." The reality is that reality doesn't favor anyone, including Bambi. Attempting to explain it away doesn't cause it to go away, it only keeps us crippled in the forest.


This is an invitation to examine the concept of deserve in your life and to notice how it holds you back. Once you have that realization, you'll be less apt to explain and complain and you'll witness deserve on the wane. It's a tried and true method for getting you out of the woods.


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