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Taking The Next Step Is Difficult When You Don’t Know The Step You’re On Now - Grasshopper

Looking to make your next move? Odds are it won’t be fruitful if you step off from a place you’re not.

Most of us have no idea where we currently are. That’s why it’s so difficult to get to where we want to go. We fail to notice or acknowledge our current location.


Our self-assessment is clouded. Have you ever heard a friend or close family member say something like, “I’m a people person”? You choke back your response, which you want to shout from the rooftops: “NO YOU’RE NOT!” But you hold your tongue and the other person remains married to an illusion.


So now that you have an appreciation of people making cases for where they’re not, it’s time for you to open up the file on you.


What location are you arguing for that contains none of your footprints?


My hobby is photography. I read photography blogs, visit photography YouTube channels and take online and in-person classes. If you catch me at a weak moment, I may say something as stupid as, “I’m as good as these guys/gals.” NO I’M NOT!


I may have taken a few great photographs over the years but my consistent output is nowhere near the level of the people whom I follow. I may wonder why I can’t get to the next level if I mistakenly believe “I’m as good as they are.”


The wondering ceases when I recognize where I am on the scale. If I’m at a 5 on a scale of 10 and the people I follow are at a 9 or 10 on the same scale, I have found my location. Now it’s my job to figure out, not how to get to 10, but how to get to 6, then 7, etc.


Moving up the scale requires action, not more thinking. What are these ace photographers doing on a daily basis that I’m not? I found the answer: They’re actually shooting and I’m reading about or thinking about shooting.


So the step I’m actually on is a long distance from the step they’re on. If I fail to recognize that, my next step will be into a big pile of dog poop.


If your progress forward has been halted, it may be time to take stock of where you really are before you venture on to your next step. This noticing will give you better footing on your way forward and your brighter future will have a better chance of developing.


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