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Retire From Being A Liar - Grasshopper

How many lies do we tell? Let’s be kind and say there’s not been a calculator invented that can count that high.

Quoting fictional TV Doctor Gregory House, “Everybody lies.”


If even the most sainted among us lies, what is the benefit of letting lies go the way of all good flesh?  It will remove stale from your life and only add fresh.


I wouldn’t recommend going cold turkey in letting lies die. I’m sure it’s possible but highly improbable and it would cause some of us to never speak again, which would be a great benefit if most politicians chose that route.


Start with the “white” ones and then incrementally move deeper into the darker areas of prevarication cessation. It’s a process.


Leaving lies behind makes you lighter and allows your light to shine brighter.


Here’s the untold secret about lying: Everyone, at some level, knows that you’re lying. We all have an internal BS detector that, when paid attention to, allows us to see through even the most opaque veils of dishonesty.


Lies have a sameness about them, which is why you appear stale when telling them. You are not delivering a real sentiment, only a pre-rehearsed one that has the sincerity of a smarmy funeral director’s offer of condolence.


You’ll become fresher when you remove the diaper of deceit. What you say will come from that unrehearsed well of authenticity instead of from the pond scum of elasticity, where the truth is always stretched.


Looking for a fresh start? Begin by leaving the lies behind. Little by little as you start to whittle, what you say will have the freshness of a brand new day.


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