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Are You Here Or There? The Answer Determines The Quality Of Your Life - Grasshopper

Where do you spend most of your day – here or there? Here keeps you in touch with reality; there takes you off into illusion.

Think about it: You can only really be here, never there. But we spend a large amount of our time attempting to be in a place we can’t be - there.


You can only get there by going through here. This is beginning to sound like a Dr. Seuss book.


Attempting to be there when you’re not delays your arrival. Most of us ignore here too often and that causes us to cease moving because we’re too busy in the make-believe world of our mind pretending we’re not here. You can’t move on from here until you recognize here and all its attendant sensations.


We have been conditioned to escape here by going off to mythical places in our mind (there) with the sole purpose of escaping here. The problem is that once the fantasy balloon bursts, you are right back here again.


The prescription seems to be: Be here as often as you can. It will put you in touch with reality and from this base of operation you can make fact-based choices, instead of pie-in-the-sky plans to be there.


Choices made here and now have a much better chance of bearing fruit than ones made in the mythical world of there and then.


The quality of your life will be found here, not there. “There” is an empty promise of tomorrow, which is promised to no one.


The quality of your life will improve when you begin responding to life as it happens. It’s the quality of our response that determines the quality of our life - not the escapism trap that we seem to fall into most often.


Begin dealing with what’s here by responding to the moment. Responding in the moment builds confidence in your ability to respond to life. The juice of life is in your response, not in your escape plan.


The juice of life is always here. Drink from the cup of now and by doing so, when you do get to there, you’ll be trained to respond to it in the here and now.


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