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Que Sera, Sera Is A Hands-Off Philosophy - Grasshopper

The lyrics from the song QUE SERA, SERA assert "whatever will be, will be" without ever considering our input in determining our future.

What Was/What Is/ What Will Be are three stages in all of our lives.  "What Was" is history, "What Is" is what determines "What Will Be." In order to have influence on what will be, you have to be present to what is.


Staying in the past (staying in your head) won't give you the presence of mind to notice what is. Assigning your future to fate negates your ability to influence it by ignoring the present.


What is going on right now is what determines your future, not some mystical, predestined force. I'm not suggesting that you can predict your future; leave that to those who claim to be seers. I'm suggesting that you can influence your future by being more present to the only time you can be present - that's NOW!


What you consciously do now has more of an effect on your future than any philosophy you've come to believe.


When you take action with the presence of mind of presence, those actions are infused with the building blocks of a desired future. If you leave your future to fate, you can plan on more of what you've experienced in the past and call it "God's Will."


Noticing where we are now presents a certain clarity as to where we will be headed if we continue on our current path. Becoming present to now opens a portal to the future and lets us consider options rather than being blown about by the myth of fate.


Want a say in your future? Take off the blinders that prevent you from seeing now. If you're stuck, you're either stuck in the past or stuck on the idea of predestination. The way forward is taking a hard look at where you actually are now. It brings reality into planning your future and leaves QUE SERA, SERA to those who are destined to repeat their past.


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