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Enough Is A Mindset, Not A Quantity - Grasshopper

My friend Jerry Stocking reminded me of the concept of “enough” when I read an article he wrote in the Huffington Post. His eye-opening piece referenced “enough money.”

Another great teacher of mine, Dr. Dave Dobson gave this answer when put through a battery of psychological tests when applying for a job. The psychologist asked what he wanted out of life. His answer was profound: “Enough.”


Whether it’s money, love, fulfillment, conquests or whatever you think you don’t have enough of, there will never be a finite amount that will satisfy you. Because even if you reach that plateau, you’ll immediately set another goal for what’s enough.


I remember reading a financial article years ago featuring Jason Alexander who played the character George Costanza on the Seinfield Show. He was exhibiting worry throughout the piece that catastrophe could strike and he wouldn’t have enough. Keep in mind that for the last couple of years of the Seinfied Show each of the main characters was making a million dollars an episode.


I’m also reminded of the Bible story of the loaves and fishes. It teaches that there will always be enough.


Enough has to become a mindset for us to take solace in the fact that we may never achieve the miracle quantity that we have made up in our calculations. “Enough” has to become, as Jerry Stocking points out in his article, what we currently have.


If you come from the mindset that there will never be enough to go around, you will go round and round in your head about how doomed you are.


If enough is an imagined fixed amount, it will never be enough. It has to be an attitude that whatever enough is will present itself.


There is a great story about “quantity” told about Transcendental Meditation Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He wanted to build a large center to teach his meditation methods and one of his students asked incredulously, “Where will all the money come from?” His answer underscores the mindset of enough. He replied, “From wherever it is at the moment.”


Read Jerry Stocking’s article and immerse yourself in the mindset of enough. It’s enough to get you through the rest of your life.


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