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Life’s Immutable Truth: You Can Only Be Where You Are - Grasshopper

How many fights have you had with yourself about where you are or, more specifically, where you should be? Have you noticed that you always lose that fight?

The reality is this: You can only be where you are, right now. Think about that for a moment. You can't be anywhere right now other than where you are.


You may not like where you are geographically, physically, emotionally, situationally, etc. but the fact remains that's where you are.


Does that mean you can't desire to be or move to somewhere else? Of course not. The purpose of this reminder is to get you focused on reality vs. illusion. The illusion we live under is we're not where we are. In our head we are somewhere else. That's an illusion.


Noticing an illusion has the illusion begin to burst and disperse. Noticing where you really are puts a pinprick in the thought bubble of an illusion.


It's much easier to plot a course from where you are to where you want to go when your starting point is real. If where you are is an illusion, you won't be able to accurately triangulate to where you want to go.


Noticing the reality of your location has you properly pack for your trip. If you pack based on an illusion, you'll run out of the supplies that sustain you much sooner, causing you to turn tail and head back to the rut you want to leave.


Take a compass reading on where you are. If you don't trust your reading, ask someone whom you do trust to describe where you are. Their assessment is quite often more on target than yours ever was. Once you know your measurable location, it's just a matter of plotting a course and following it to your new destination.


Don't fight with where you are. That will only keep you there longer. Better to "notice" where you are. Just by noticing, you give yourself a dose of reality that will give you a much better vantage point from which to plan an exit.


The old cartoon line comes to mind: "You can't get there from here." That's always the case when you attempt to start from an illusional place.


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