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Doubting Your Light Is Dousing Your Light - Grasshopper

We all have light to shine but most of us occlude it by casting shadows of doubt on its existence.

We have convinced ourselves, with the help of culture and conditioning, that it's our nose to the grindstone, conscious effort that produces the light that shines our way forward. It's the opposite.

Our naturally existing light infuses our conscious efforts, if we let it.

"Letting it" begins with recognizing it. We are born as a light source, yet we dim it with the passing years by thinking we have to create it. We don't. The light is always there ready to flow into whatever we do.

If you are experiencing a problem in life, start with the premise that there is an answer. That gives credence to your light and gives it permission to shine. When we begin with the notion that there is no way out, we paint ourselves into a dark corner with no acknowledgement of our light and that makes it difficult for it to shine.

Even if you don't believe that you are a source of light, pretend that you are. Even pretending will allow more light to shine through, illuminating options that were previously in the dark to you. 

Let every light source you see act as a physical reminder that there is also one in me - meaning you.

The more you acknowledge your light, the more of it that will come into play, allowing dark nights of the soul to see the light of day.

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