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You Don’t Need Any Spiritual Training - Grasshopper

Seems like we need a manual to get through life: "5-Steps to This," "7-Steps to That." We continually seek training for our conscious journey but there is no training necessary in the spiritual realm. You just have to get there.

The spiritual realm is our quiet consciousness, and it has a lot to offer. You don't have to know how it works to benefit; all you have to do is visit.


You are always welcome and there are no rules to learn or follow when you arrive.


There are certainly steps you can take to get there but once you arrive, there are no more guidelines, only the experience of being immersed in something soothing and quietly instructive.


The passport to spirituality is a quiet consciousness. There are so many ways to quiet the mind. You just have to pick one that works for you and make it a regular practice. The result is being bathed in your all-encompassing spirituality where you'll experience the sense that everything is taken care of.


You always bring back gifts when you dip into your spiritual well: more insight, a calmer demeanor, more acceptance and an overall feeling of well-being.


You'll have to learn to bow or curtsy when in the presence of the Queen but no protocols are necessary when you visit the spiritual realm - just royal treatment for you.


I encourage you to find a meditation practice that works for you. The more often you use it, the more often you'll be in a place where there are no rules to follow and where unlimited gifts are bestowed upon you.


All the best,


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